Friday, October 29, 2010

Sit Down, Son

Dreamer,poet,artist,free spirit,the reliable rebel...My one true joy in life...
My eternal love.
My soldier when my days are dark,
who fights for me when the world comes down on me and tries to crush me.
When my heart breaks he cries for me...
Never knew I could love so completely.
Tiny hands that once held mine,now larger and wrap around my heart.
My friend,my rock and my reason.
The only man who has been a constant in my life.
"Don't fit in,don't blend,you know you're different and thats a godsend."
Women will fall at your feet to be by your side,others will cry to possess you.
A simple man you will become.Inner depth,heart full of empathy and compassion.
Mind of intelligence and higher thoughts.
An old soul in a baby's body.
Clear of mind and clean of soul.
My blood.
I see me and all that I was and more than I can ever hope to become...
All I need,I needed just one...
My only son...
My only one.


  1. A mother's love runs deepest....

    I hear my mother here.

    You indeed are a "Not-So-Ordinary Woman".

    Well versed!

  2. I have a "not-so-ordinary son" for the inspiration.