Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fairy Tale

I watch at a distance, wondering at the miracle before me.
I see it, out there...
see them together...
the chosen few.
I see how he adores her,
touches her hair...
looks into her eyes,
and falls into heaven at her touch.
Her words unspoken,
brings him to his knees.
The angels sing
when he speaks of her.
Bliss and happy endings and fairy tales...
The promise of poets and beliefs of children.
He reaches for her, and she smiles.
Teeth crooked, hair unkept and body at least fourty pounds too many.
She is his miracle.
A being perfect to another.
She is unattractive to many...
but to him she is goddess.
Surrounded by Gold and beam of light.
She is a flame in his sight, fire in his soul.
Aphrodite at the laundromat,
Hunter Diana in the woods,
Mother Earth and her child.
She is all to him.
He breathes just for her,
with or without adornment...
she is his jewel.
I sit barren in this darkness,
while time envelops my soul like a shroud.
Dismissed like school child for summer vacation.
Wrong men or wrong timing.
Bad choices with bad boys.
Losers and liers.
Making mistakes or being one.
Lost men looking for their salvation,
With me, a temporary angel....
a respite from their blackness within.
My purpose just to give my heart to ones that have none.
As I fill their empty places that lay within...
and they leave me with canyons to deep for anyone to fill.


  1. Yes, I have my miracle, but let us walk the canyon bed. It is not a fairy tale but a trail to share.

    Your verse makes me sing with want.

  2. The trails are often not worth the trip.