Friday, October 29, 2010

Frappuccinos and Fuckheads

Snap,crackle,pop...cracking knuckles and chewing nails...

tight as a noose around a dead man's neck,

ready to break like a twig underfoot.

Starbucks coffee in hand,

her in Pink flip-flops and pony-tail,

he in those important glasses,

looking so intrigued...

and vacant.
Oh so interested in her conversation(sarcasm),
as he puts chin in palm and leans in closer.
She talks of children as yet unborn,he talks of ones gone before...
attempts and quips of wit and wisdom.
Banal bullshit and analogies mixed in with vague apologies.
Making appointments to laugh and love and order carry-out Thai food.
Conversations filled with knowledge but lacking intelligence.

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