Saturday, November 6, 2010

Roses of Yellow and Lavender

At death we do part,
in the ground,
in the dirt,
to be covered in the tears and sorrows of this life.
Roses of Yellow and Lavender,
Stars falling from the skies as clouds race past in Dante's dance.
Eternity and destiny united at the final curtain.
Black embrace,
still and cold,
like Ivory and concrete.
Hearts bleeding and displayed,
for the lovers to sigh,
mourners to weep,
and lier to mock.
The trees of Winter with branches dark with death,
breath cold and rancid with the smell of mold and stale promises.
Rumors and speculations,
whispered talk of lies and deceptions heard in the distance,
in the grave,
on the wind.
A vision of haze and mist across meadow.
Morrow does not come to these lips,
closed now forever,
never to speak of passion or love again,
Sweet kiss of life,
futile as lost love,
lips silent and sewn shut.
Safe in this crypt,
away from the others,
together as one now,
locked in eternal moonlight and embrace.
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