Sunday, November 14, 2010

Solitary View of Somewhere

Sitting amongst the wreckage of ruin,

an invisible man in the dark.

A void into the distance,

an empty nothingness...sitting.

He is vapor,


an entity of lost and never found.

Apathy and no direction.

A nauseating view of nothingness,

a full view of empty.

A cup full of shallow.

A lackluster existance,

only equalled by sheer stupidity

and vapid discussions of chatter with no solid.

Better to be mute,

then water with no flow.

Silence a gift to ones with nothing to say.



  1. sharp witt....wonderful.

  2. Thanks David. Went out this weekend to some clubs, looked around and saw a lot of nothing and a great deal of shallow. Sad way to get inspired, but it's my interpretation of what I see.

  3. Very well crafted..!!
    keep Writing My Dear.. :)

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