Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wait For Me

As he sits like a tombstone...
amid a mountain of indecision,
frailties and weakness.
At the top of a pile of overturned earth
sits his insecurities and doubt.
His loneliness...
screaming at him like a banshee,
yet he had not the courage or strength
to see beyond himself.
Decency for another covered by selfishness,
like the Black mourning coat he now wears.
As she waits...
glints of Grey form in her hair,
her skin of Ivory grows pale with each season,
lines form in her face,
like maps of the many roads she has travelled with no destination at their end.
Eyes that once shined like the stars
falling upon the still of a night sky,
in his midnight dreams...
are now vacant and still.
She grows cold awaiting his embrace.
But wait...he now returns.
Her lips open waiting for him...
cold with the stench of once warm breath that has long since become rancid.
He reaches for her hand,
once warm with promise.
Now, open...
Always open, for him to hold.
Arms that longed for him,
empty...many nights,
are now heavy, weary and still.
they fall into embrace.
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  1. welcome join our poetry community, a place poets share and encourage.
    I signed in to follow your blog.

    hope to see you share a poem with us at our potluck tonight.

    10 hours before it is open from now.


  2. Thanks Jingle,

    "Wait For Me" was written about a man that waited too long to act on love and then it was too late. Taken from a personal experience in my life involving a man I was involved with that couldn't see beyond his own fear to get close to another."She" died in the poem of old age;but I suppose it could also be a metaphor, her love for him died because he waited too long to decide to come back to her.

    Yes, I'd love to join your group. I will do my best to be there this eve as well.