Saturday, November 6, 2010


Bam, bam, bam...goes the frying pan...
Once, twice...again and again,
with the repetitive motion of a hammer pounding nails into soft balsam.
As blood sprayed the sheets and walls like a tapestry of color in a Peckinpah film.
A collage of the tragedy of a life, and a love, wasted.
The pigment, a rich dye of all the pain she endured.
A kaleidoscope of blood Red, and a Black soul, mixed with the Yellow in his spine.
Slap, slap, slap...she felt on her face ....
through blackened eyes swollen like the bee-stinged lips of a pin-up queen,
the faithful dog returning for scraps, only to be kicked and beaten.
Nevermore quoth the raven...
never more said the maiden.
An ending to a story...quite overdue.
Some speak in hush...
but the neighbors all knew.
As he felt the tap, tap, tap of the hammer sinking into cranium and crevice...
skull cracking and snapping like the bones in her arm when she burned dinner.
Snap, crackle, pop went the memories and the love.
Rip and tear went her heart, as his body hit the floor.
Boo hoo...
his life is no more.

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