Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mary, Mary

She plays Jesus as she types,
calling to spirits above; hands held high and mystic words recited,
a spell of sanctity and sanctimoniousness...
in between sips of Chamomile tea.
Clipping coupons and working overtime.
conjuring deities and conquering Satan,
the hippie girl in pigtails and platforms...
a modern day flower child in a Mary Magdalene dress.
Praying for a
Saviour to bring her home...
someone with a clean soul...or at least a job.
Bible boys on bikes carrying bouquets of Daffodils laced with sin,
arrive on her doorstep on a mission of mercy,
the good book open to Galatians 5:19,
they yell, "Pray Sister", as she gets down on her knees.
Feet stomping, hands clapping, they pray for her redemption.


  1. I love this so much, maybe my fav of the day. I just started to study wicca, and this speaks to my soul...

  2. Thank you David. The inspiration from this one came from a woman I met.
    Very religious now, but quite a dark past...hence the "Mary Magdalene dress" line. Also the reference to Galatians 5:19 and a few double entendres are thrown in as well, if you read between the lines.