Friday, October 29, 2010

Damn Clowns

A slow parade of death,
This carnival called life.
Clowns weep for your lost innocence.
Acrobats climb the ladder to eternity.
The elephants...
memories that you cant forget.
The monkey you can't get off your back...
your regrets.
Tightrope walkers...
those chances you were too afraid to take.
There...the fat woman...
your greed.
Those midgets...
all your childhood fears.
Strong man...
what you tried to be.
The beautiful woman sitting alone in the stands eating popcorn...
the one who waited for you...
lost...due to your pride.
never again to meet another love like hers.
Ah, the lust you tried to cage.
The trampoline...
like a stretcher for the awaiting dead.
Gods and angels hold your ticket,
and open the gates.
Pagan tones play on the carousel.
Fire eaters and sword swallowers eat the sin and pain...
As all join in the circus eternal.


  1. This reminds me of two things:

    The first is Vanity Fair in Pilgrim's Progress.

    "Now, as I said, the way to the Celestial City lies just through this town, where the lusty fair is kept; and he that will go to the City, and yet not go through this town, must needs go out of the world."

    The second is the 1977 song The Grand Illusion by Styx.

    Your imagery came to life as I good see and feel the circus of life. (A little pun intended there for the Circle of Life from the Lion King)

  2. "Life is a circus and the world is a freak show."
    I got part of the inspiration for this from an artist I used to date, a very complicated man, I was crazy about him.