Sunday, October 24, 2010



Scrubbing, washing, cleaning,
folding socks.
Smiling pretty in family photos.
Packing lunch,
bologna and Oreos.
School bus kisses,
Sunday brunch and Mimosa's.
Clipping coupons and red tag days.
Afternoons of soap operas and Oprah,
Perfect life for the perfect wife.
Family of three and one to be,
picture of tranquility.
Once a month sex and once in a lifetime love.
Mini vans and Easter hams,
PTA and school plays.
Distant dreams and midnight screams,
nightmares at 1 a.m.
Kiss at the door and hope for more,
Errands and ways to fill the day,
grocery lists and chances missed.
Garden needs weeding,
porch needs sweeping,
pants need mending,
heart needs tending.
A smile and a kiss on the forehead,
good night, sweet dreams.
All is never what it seems.
Good night, sleep tight,
don't let the bed bugs bite.
All is clear, all is bright...
yeah, sure...

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